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College Information


Winter (terms 2 and 3) General  

Year 10 to 13 play on a Saturday from 8am - 1pm with some Tuesdays for the three top grades.  

Year 9's play on a Tuesday afternoon from 4.30pm-7.00pm.  This may change in 2020.

School girls must be available to play during these times.  No dispensation can be given for girls involved in other sports or cultural activities.


Year 9 Grade information for 2019

Grade 1 – 12 teams split into 2 even sections for the first 5 weeks. Then we will split this grade into 3 groups of 4. Championship, Flight, Plate and you will play a double round robin with all games counting towards the final points – there will not be a final on finals night but it will be a round robin game and the top of the table will win the grade. 

Grade 2, 3, and 4 will run as normal – 12 teams split into 2 sections for the first 5 weeks then the top 3 from each section (6 teams) go into the Championship round and bottom 6 into the flight round.

Grade 5 - 9 teams this will be a full round robin with each team having a bye, and then a X-over semi and a final.

Grade 6 – 8 teams this grade will have a round robin (7 weeks) then split into 2 even sections. You will have 3 games in this section. The final game will be verse the other section as follows S1: v S2:1, (1st & 2nd place) S1:2 v S2:2 (3rd & 4th place) etc.


Fees 2019

College Premier $1015.00 per team

College Open A- College 12 and Year 9 teams $875.00 per team

Click here to view full list of fees

Click here to view the regulations regarding refunds for withdrawals

Fees for 2020 will be advised by the end of the year.



Click here for a draft of the proposed dates for Year 9 on Tuesdays in 2019.

Click here for a draft of the proposed dates for Year 10-13 on Saturdays in 2019.

Click here for a draft of the proposed dates for All of College for 2019 season.

Please be aware that the dates are subject to change and the dates shown are not guaranteed.

2020 dates will be advised by the end of the year.


Court Rules

In order to maintain our courts and keep them safe:no scooters, skateboards, skates or bikes, no umbrella points in the rubber surface, no stilletos.

Dogs are not permitted on the premises including the building and court surfaces except for assistance dogs appropriately attired.

No smoking and no chewing gum at the Courts please.

Outside court etiquette:

1. Teams and umpire bench area is on the sideline closest to the motorway.

2. Spectators to stand on the cricket field sideline unless they are manning the scoreboard on the fence.

3. No spectators or gear on the goal line please.

4. Spectators to stand back from the sideline to allow umpires to officiate off the court without interruption or distraction.

Please advise the control room personnel if you see any issues regarding the venue.


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