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In accordance with Netball New Zealand's attached announcement, all netball events at Netball North Harbour will be postponed until Saturday 2nd May, effective immediately.

This also affects our umpiring classes.

We will advise in due course new dates when we have assessed our calendar.



Pathway for umpiring at NNH

Beginner Junior Umpire course - Practical with some theory - Year 6 - 8 students only

Junior Theory - Netball Rules 101 (4 week course)  / 1 day theory (school holidays) classes. Year 7 to adults

Junior Award - Practical.  Umpiring teams weekly with umpire coaching.

Centre Theory - Theory class

Centre Award - Practical. Umpiring teams weekly with umpire coaching

Zone Theory to NZC award this is accredited through Netball New Zealand - classes run by NNH

2020 Umpiring Calendar click here

All classes below including the School holiday programme have been postponed


4 March - 25 March - Evening classes - Netball Rules 101 Designed for intermediate and secondary students and adults

4 March - 1 April - Beginner Junior Umpire Course - year 6 to year 8 students

1 April - Centre Theory class - Must have gained Junior Award (badge)

8 April - Booster Umpiring Class for college/club/adult umpires with theory/award passes.

School holiday programs 14 April 2020 - 21 April 2020.  Check out the umpiring calendar above.


Contact Sharon Fraser for any queries.

Registrations Closed

Please note,  to book online you will need your username and password for the Netball North Harbour database if you have previously registered as a player or on another course.  If you have never played here before and do not intend to, please register as An Associate and Course Attendee.  If you are having problems registering, please clear your History on your browser.  You can use Shift F5 but if this does not work, go to your browser settings and Clear History (often under Privacy & Settings).  Each browser is different. 


Terms & Conditions

1. When registering for an umpiring course, the course fee can be paid for by credit card online, or direct credit to Netball North Harbour 12-3011-0757432-00 (Particulars Umpire Reference Name) before the start of the programme.

2.  Registered participants who have entered the programme and then subsequently withdraw before the commencement of the programme, shall be subject to Netball North Harbour's Refund Policy.  To view the Refund Policy please click here


For enquiries regarding Umpiring Courses, please contact:

Sharon Fraser | email | phone 09 481 0959