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Primary Team Registration 2019

This page is designed for School Coordinators to assist you with registration information for your school teams in 2019. 

Important Dates

Friday, 29th March Registration closes for number of teams entered Click here for the NNH Primary Competition Registration Form Year 1 to Year 6
    Click here for the Junior Netties Competitions (Westlake and Glenfield) Registration Form Year 1 to Year 6
Monday, 12th April Deadline for Time Requests Click here for Time Request Form
Friday, 12th April Players to be registered in their teams online in the database Link to Clubhub database


General Information

Please click here to download the notes that will be used for the Coordinators meeting on the Primary Competition in 2019


Primary Competitions Offered

  • Mother Earth futureFerns (MEFF) - Year 1 & 3 teams.  Monday afternoons.  10 week programme for Y1&2, 12 weeks for Y3.
  • Mother Earth futureFerns (MEFF) - year 1 to 3 teams.  Saturday mornings.  10 week programme for Y1&2, 12 weeks for Y3 at Glenfield College only.
  • Junior Netties - Year 4 to 6.  Saturdays at Westlake Girls and Glenfield College.  12 week competition.
  • Year 4 Primary - Monday afternoons.  14 week competition
  • Year 5 & 6 -Wednesdays afternoon.  14 week competition.


Composition of Teams

Competition Team Game/Size Rotations Equipment* Hoop Height
MEFF Year 1 & 2 4 aside (6 max) No NNH supply balls and bibs 2.4m
MEFF Year 3 5 aside (7 max) No Size 4 ball and bibs 2.6m
Year 4 7 aside (10 max) Yes Size 4 ball and bibs 2.6m
Year 5 7 aside (10 max) Yes Size 4 ball and bibs 2.6m
Year 6 7 aside (10 max) No Size 5 ball and bibs 3.05m

*school to supply for all games except Year 1 & 2

You can enter combined teams, eg Year 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5 and 5/6.  Please note you cannot have a Year 3 in a Year 5 team or a Year 4 in a Year 6.  If you are struggling with the make up of numbers and ages, please contact Teresa directly to discuss BEFORE putting your team registrations in.



Mother Earth futureFerns = $450.00 per team at NNH

Mother Earth futureFerns = $400.00 per team at Glenfield College

Junior Netties = $485.00 per team

Primary Year 4 to 6 = $650.00 per team.

Time Requests = $20.00 per request

Additional Players = $10.00

Late Default Fee = $50.00


Primary Dates

Click here to download a summary of Primary dates for 2019

Click here to download the Junior Netties dates only

Click here to download the MEFF dates only

Click here to download the Primary dates at NNH only



All teams need to supply their own umpires for Year 4 to Year 6 teams only.  Sharon Fraser runs a Junior Whistler programme in Term 2.  If you wish your team to be included in this programme, please contact Sharon on   All umpire enquiries should be directed to Sharon.

The cost for an umpire per game is $10.00 per game.


Registration Form

To register your school teams in 2019, we are using Google Docs.  Please see above to open the forms you need and complete as required. 

Once submitted we will have your form.  If you wish to make any changes subsequent to submitting you will need to contact Teresa by email.  Registration closes Friday, 29th March!

On the 29th March we only need to know the number of teams you will be entering.  We do not need to know who is in which team.  Registering players in a team needs to be completed by Friday, 12th April.


Time Request Forms

Time requests will also be submitted by Google Docs.  Please click here to open the form and complete as required.  It costs $20.00 per request.  Please note that these are for netball clashes only and not anything outside of the sport.  JUNIOR NETTIES AND MEFF DO NOT HAVE TIME REQUESTS, only for Primary Monday and Wednesdays.  Deadline for time requests is beginning of Term 2 (30th April).


School Coordinator Instructions/Information for Clubhub database

These instructions include:

  • How a player registers/reregistration for the new season
  • Keeping an eye on your registration lists and Editing player details
  • Assigning players to teams
  • Assigning Volunteers to teams

To download the instructions, please click here.

If you wish to send a letter to your parents about the Club Hub system please see below for a template.  You can download this and change as you like.

Word document version of letter to parents

PDF version of letter to parents


Other Important Information

Netball North Harbour Tournaments Page

Netball North Harbour Regulations

Netball NZ Junior Policy


For any enquires about Primary netball please contact:

Teresa Smeed | email | phone 09 481 0951