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Hibiscus Coast Netball Primary Information


Coaches Informal Practical Session

When:   Wednesday, 5th May 2021

Who:     All coaches from Year 3 to Year 6

Where:  HBC Netball, Edith Hopper Park, Manly, Whangapaparoa

Cost:     $20.00

An informal practical coaching session for the Year 3 to Year 6 coaches going over some basic coaching skills and drills.  A little bit of admin also covered regarding the running of the competitions at Hibiscus Coast.

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To register, please use the login you have created for you and your child in the database who plays at Hibiscus Coast Netball.  Once logged in click on Tasks>>Purchases & Bookings, >> make sure you select the course under your name and not your child's then click on Coaching Courses and find the Hibiscus Coast Practical Coaching Session.



Hibiscus Coast Netball is located at Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Park, Manly.  

Phone:  027 395 5554

Hibiscus Coast Netball in 2021 caters for Year 1 to Year 6, played primarily through Primary schools.  The Year 1 & 2 programme is run on Saturday mornings and anyone can turn up.


Year 1 & 2 play the ANZ futureFerns modified game of 4 v 4 on Saturday mornings.

Year 3 & 4 play the ANZ futureFerns modified game of 5 v 5 on Thursday afternoons.

Year 5 play the ANZ futureFerns modified game of 6 v 6 on Wednesday afternoons

Year 6 play the 7 aside game of netball played on Wednesday afternoons.



To see the dates for 2021, please click here.



The cost to play Year 3 to Year 6 at Hibiscus Coast is $650.00 per team.

Year 1 & 2 programme on Saturday's - $50.00 per person for 10 week programme.



Year 1 & 2 play with hoops as goal post and use soft balls, provided by the Centre.

Year 3 & 4 play on 2.6 m high hoops.  Size 4 balls and bibs provided by teams.

Year 5 play on 3.05m high hoops.  Size 4 balls and bibs provided by teams.

Year 6 play on 3.05m high hoops.  Size 5 balls and bibs provided by teams.

Umpires must be supplied for Year 5 & 6 games on Wednesday afternoons.


Jewellery and Netball

This is a very early warning to all parents (and all players) regarding jewellery.  Jewellery or any adornments cannot be worn when a player is playing netball.  There is no taping of jewellery, including earrings.

Parents of primary school players.  Please DO NOT get your children's ears pierced during the netball season.  THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IF THEY CANNOT TAKE THEIR EARRINGS OUT!


Any queries about Hibiscus Coast Netball in 2021, please contact Teresa Smeed