2017 Tournaments


Tournament registrations will open throughout the year and generally close at least 2 weeks prior to game day.  Please check back if your tournament is not yet available to enter.



Junior Tournament (Year 3-6) Mid Season

Results can be viewed here.

Junior Tournament (Year 3-6) End of Season


1 day


1 day


Sun 23 July


Sat 16 September

NNH Junior Secondary Schools Tournament

NNH Senior Secondary Schools Tournament

1 day

Thu 25 May Junior

Tue 30 May Senior

NNH Rep Tournament

Click here to view the finals results

1 day

Sun 18 June

Primary Field Day

1 day

Thur 29 June

NNH Y7-10 Open Tournament

1 day

Sun 2 July (afternoon only)

Carmel College NNH Intermediate Zone Day

1 day

Tue 1 Aug (Wed 8 Aug rain day)

NNH Y7-8 Open tournament

1 day

Sun 27 Aug

NNH Intermediate Tournament

1 day

Tue 15 Aug

Primary Fun Carnival

1 day

Wed 13 Sep (20 Sep rain day)

NNH Open Masters Festival 2017 (over 25’s)

2 days

Sat/Sun  7 – 8 Oct

Tournament Results

SAS Pre Season Tournament - click here to view the results.