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Primary Wednesday Draw & Results

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Wednesday Draw

Check out the Primary information page for a new coaching course coming up.


There are 7 grading games for Term 2.  If you win a game, the following week you should go up a grade, or if you lose, you will go down.  Not always the case but it gives you an idea of where to look for your team.  The draw is done weekly.  It cannot be done until the games are played so we know where to move your team.


Duty Roster: 23rd May - Wainui, Browns Bay, Grey Lynn, Ridgeview and Birkdale

To view the duty roster (and description) please click here.



  • When you look at the Draw, Team 1 for rotations is on the left hand side of the draw (Home).  Team 2 is on the right hand side of the draw (Away).
  • Cross out the rotations you are not for the first game in your book and complete the players on the rotation you are using.

For the following week, and subsequent weeks -

Team 1 to Team 1 OR Team 2 to Team 2 - start the full game to full game players on the LAST position they ended up on the week before.


Team 1 to Team 2 OR Team 2 to Team 1 - start the full game to full game players on the FIRST position they started at the week before.

  • Use the key above for the full game to full game players ONLY
  • Do the full game to full game players first and put them in their positions.
  • Then put in the players that had 1/2 a game to full game next.  Look for a rotation where they are not repeating the 2 positions from the week before.
  • Then put your 1/2 game players in last.
  • If you make a mistake, don't worry, just asterisk who is repeating and fix it up the following week!
  • Remember to write all of this on your team card!


DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NETBALL NORTH HARBOUR APP!  A quick and easy way to check your draw and results.  Go to the store on your Android or Iphone and search Netball North Harbour.