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Premier Draws & Results

Club Premier Draw

Club Netball Draw for Club Netball Draw for 12th of April

Teams to supply match ball and a bench person.

4x 10 minute quarters with 1/2/1 minute breaks.

SIC Room open for strapping from 5.30pm.

6 minutes between games - please vacate the bench seats as quickly as you can to allow the next teams to set up and take the court.

NNH will allocate umpires to these games - donations to umpires ($10) prior to the game.

Teams to fill out team cards.

Games will be centrally timed by convenor on the evening.  Scoreboards will be available for recording the score only.


If wet please ensure players bring training shoes for warm up outside.   It is for your player's safety that they then change into dry shoes and socks to play indoors.  Ponchos can be purchased from the control room for $1 each to protect uniforms if needed.



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