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Inside 5a-side Spring League - Term 4 2018




Block 2 - 16th October to 20th November (6 weeks)

Block 1 Draw


To register a New Team, please click on the Register A Team button.

If you registered in Block 1, you can reregister in Block 2, using the same login and password from Block 1.





Click on the Register A Team button to register a team for the Spring League. Do not use your winter login.

If you are having problems registering, please clear your History on your browser.  You can use Shift F5 but if this does not work, go to your browser settings and Clear History (often under Privacy & Settings).  Each browser is different. 

Round Times:  First round at 4.30 pm

Who:  Intermediate, College Girls and College Mixed (Boys and Girls)

Cost: Block 1 $135.00

         Block 2 $200.00 per team.


Boys:  Boys can play for Intermediate teams, Mixed grade for college, maximum of 2 boys on court (with only one boy in the goal circle)

Length of games:  9 minute quarters, 1 minute breaks for all ages. 

Equipment:  Bibs and Balls are supplied

Umpires:  Are provided

Time Requests: There are no time requests for spring league.

Registration Close Date: 28th August for Block 1


Any queries, please contact Tamara on