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Year 1 & 2 Programme at Edith Hopper


Spring League Year 1 & 2 Programme

Term 4 for 6 weeks.  30th October to 4th December.

9.00 am at Edith Hopper Park, Manley

Cost $50.00 per child


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Held at the Hibiscus Coast Netball Centre, Edith Hopper Park, Ladies Mile, Manly.


Start time 9.00 am but please be there 8.45 am onwards to sign in. We will sign in inside and then head out to the courts for the programme.


All participants (children) need to be wearing clothes to run around in and good supportive sports shoes. Any young players with long hair, please tie it back. Please bring a small drink bottle for the young players.


Please be aware, that we do need parents to help. We have a small game and the netball hoops are actual hoops where we will need parents to hold, so some parent participation is required.

The whole morning should take about 45 minutes and we should be finished by 9.45 am.



If wet (drizzly) we will still continue to play. Our young players can wear jackets, etc. If the weather is very, very wet and miserable we may cancel. Any cancellations we make we will put on our Hibiscus Coast Facebook page (please like and the Netball North Harbour website If you have any queries, the Hibiscus Coast netball phone number is 027 395 5554, or contact