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Lockdown Training Videos


Thanks to Michele Wallace and her daughter Claudine, they have been, and are, putting together some training videos to help our members during lockdown.


Click on the links below to access the videos.


Ball Handling Skills

A video for our younger, beginner players.


Footwork for Beginner Netballers

Again another one for our younger, or more newer players.  Working on footwork and pivoting.


Agility Training

A video for all ages and up to Club level.  Working on strong movement and driving to the ball.


Movement and Angle Drills

A video suitable for Primary through to Club.  Just depends on the intensity and skill level of the players as to how you do them.


Change of Direction and Dodging

For our Primary and Intermediate aged players.


All our videos can be accessed on our Coachforce You Tube account.