Umpiring Rule Videos

Below are short videos explaining some of the netball rules.  Please click on the image below to view the video you are interested in:

Rule No. 1
#1 - Foot On the Line

Is a foot on the line, in or out of court?

#2 - Footwork

Footwork, or as it used to be known, stepping ... the correct footwork vs the incorrect footwork.

When is a player offside?
#3 - Offside

When is a player offside?

#4 - Throw In

How to throw the ball in correctly from outside the court.

#5 - Over A Third

When is a ball Over a Third? 

#6 - Playing the Ball

Playing the Ball (Replay Ball) one of the most misunderstood rules ...

#7 - Penalty Pass

The penalty pass - when is it given and how does it work?

#8 - Obstruction

The 3 foot rule ... where is it measured from?

#9 - Contact

Netball is now a contact sport, but there are times when it isn't acceptable.  

#10 - Hand Signals Part 1

Some of the hand signals you will see umpires using whilst umpiring the court.

#11 - Hand Signals Part 2

More umpiring signals that you will see on the court.

#12 - Umpiring the Court

How do the 2 umpires share the court?  Find out who controls what.