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Umpire allocations take up a tremendous amount of volunteer time to manage. 

Many aspects are taken into consideration - pulling out is not just a simple matter of replacing one umpire as many umpires do more than one game resulting in a ripple effect.

Please remember the following:

  • Update the 'away' book if you are not available.
  • Update the 'away' book with any special requests for the day e.g am games only etc
  • If you are injured then please remember to let me know when you are ready to umpire again - we will exclude you from the draw until we hear from you.  

Thank You.


Umpire Allocations  

These will generally be available early Wednesday morning each prior to game day and are just the games that are allocated by NNH umpires.  Some umpires also have separate arrangements with other teams which are not listed here.

Should you have a problem with your allocation please contact JILL HAYMAN via email:


NNH Allocations for Saturday 14th August  

As there maybe further updates, please check back on Friday to confirm your game time/s.

Reminder:  Any cautions/warnings etc are to be written on the scoresheet with details of team, players name & position, when the incident occurred & why sanction was awarded.  Umpires please also write your name on the scoresheet.

Reserves - please remain in the officials room so you can easily be found if needed

Alastair Tod   2pm Reserve 8.50 & 10.30
Ashlea Tod      
Ashley Edwards 10.30am    
Becky George 8.50am    
Caitlin Edwards   12.10pm Reserve 2pm
Callandra Field      
Cory Nicholls      
Darren George 8.50am    
Denise Neal 9.40am (B'head) 2pm  
Diana Webb 10.30am 2pm Reserve 8.50am
Ellie Cato 8.50am 12.10pm  
Emily Kershaw      
Emma Edwards      
Georgia Kimber 10.30am 12.10pm  
Ginny Peek 8.50am    
Greer Thomas 10.30am 2pm  
Jane Smallfield 8.50am 2pm Reserve 10.30am
Jess Dixon   12.10pm  
Jill Hayman 10.30am 12.10pm Reserve 8.50am & 2pm
Julia Lim      
Kalesi Tabete   12.10pm  
Karen McVay   1pm   
Katherine Kidd      
Kayleigh Roffe   2pm  
Kendall Speck      
Kian Manilal      
Kiani Smith 10.30am 2pm Reserve 12.10pm
Kira Morrison 8.50am 2pm Reserve 10.30am
Lyn Barr      
Lyndis Baird      
Niamh Galligan 10.30am 12.10pm  
Nicole Jackson 10.30am 12.10pm Reserve 8.50am
Paddy Beattie      
Paige Bell   2pm  
Paul Johnson   2pm  
Paula Dell 8am (Court 16)   Reserve 10.30am
Raewyn Vile   12.10pm  
Ruth Christie 8.50am 2pm Reserve 12.10pm
Sa'ane Abbott 8.50am 12.10pm  
Sam George   12.10pm Reserve 2pm (please!)
Sarah Werner      
Sharon Race   1pm  &  2pm   
Sue Cotton 10.30am    
Teresa Smeed  


Vania Maro   12.10PM  


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