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2021 Netball Season Team Cards


Phone_photo.jpgAll teams must do their teams cards online, and is important for contact tracing purposes.

The following competitions will be using the Clubhub system to mark off their players for every game.  

  • Intermediate - All teams
  • College - All teams including College Premier who also have to do a hard copy
  • Club - All teams, Premiers will also do a hard copy
  • Spring League & Social Teams for Contact Tracing purposes

For instructional videos on how to do the team cards, see below

IT IS IMPERATIVE YOU HAVE THE RIGHT DATE SELECTED WHEN COMPLETING YOUR TEAM CARD!  You want the date of the game day.  This will automatically be right if you do this on the day preferably 10 minutes before the game when you have everyone assembled courtside.


Anyone assigned as a volunteer (or a Team Organiser) to a team, can complete the team card, including coaches, managers, umpires, contact tracers.  


The most important thing to do when setting up the system on your phone is to know your Clubhub username and password.  If you cannot remember these, you can reset your password or contact Netball North Harbour on phone 09 481 0022 or send an email to


All teams, including Primary, can use the same system to record attendance at team trainings if they wish but it is not compulsory.


Below are some instructional videos for users on how to add Clubhub to your phone homepage:

Android Users

Iphone Users

Using the NNH App to access Clubhub


Completing Your Team Card on Game Day


We recommend you also download the Netball North Harbour App from the Play Store or the App Store.