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Primary Monday Draws & Results


Final Results - Monday Year 4 


PLEASE NOTE:  At the conclusion of the competition, please be aware that our computer system is set up to show the team at the top of the table based on Differential.  WE DO NOT USE THAT TO DETERMINE THE WINNER if two teams are on the same points.  We use GOAL RATIO - goals scored for divided by goals scored against a team.  The team with the highest goal ratio is the winner.  Please don't assume that if your team is at the top of the table and is on the same points as the 2nd team, you are the winner of the grade.  The math needs to be done.


Primary Prize Givings

Year 4 teams - Monday, 23rd September at 4.00 pm for all winners and runner up teams of each grade ONLY.

Information will be sent to the schools.


Health & Safety Message

On Wednesday we had an incident with a parent who was turning the goal posts around to get the right height of the goal post for the game. Unfortunately the lower goal hoop, which sits in a slot, was pushed out and landed on his head resulting on a visit to A & E. The hoops are very heavy and can result in serious injury.


Please be aware that if you are moving the goals posts around, you do need to lift the goal post out of the ground in order to swing it around, but be careful of the padding on the goal post, which is quite stiff, as we suspect the padding was pushed up, pushing the lower goal hoop out of the slot. Possibly this happened in an earlier game as well, resulting in the hoop not sitting correctly in the slot before someone else attempted to move it.


In order to prevent this quite serious accident occurring again please do the following:


  1. Before attempting to lift the goal post, check the lower goal post is sitting in the slot correctly.
  2. If lifting the pad to get a good grip on the goal post, ensure it is not pushing the lower goal hoop out of the slot.
  3. Perhaps have a spotter to ensure this is not happening.
  4. When putting the goal post back in the ground, check the top of the goal post and pad to make sure the pad is back in place and the lower goal hoop is sitting correctly in the slot.


If we can have some care with the moving of the goal posts, we hope to prevent this accident happening again.  Thank you.



  • When you look at the Draw, Team 1 for rotations is on the left hand side of the draw (Home).  Team 2 is on the right hand side of the draw (Away).
  • Cross out the rotations you are not for the first game in your book and complete the players on the rotation you are using.

For the following week, and subsequent weeks -

Team 1 to Team 1 OR Team 2 to Team 2 - start the full game to full game players on the LAST position they ended up on the week before.


Team 1 to Team 2 OR Team 2 to Team 1 - start the full game to full game players on the FIRST position they started at the week before.

  • Use the key above for the full game to full game players ONLY
  • Do the full game to full game players first and put them in their positions.
  • Then put in the players that had 1/2 a game to full game next.  Look for a rotation where they are not repeating the 2 positions from the week before.
  • Then put your 1/2 game players in last.
  • If you make a mistake, don't worry, just asterisk who is repeating and fix it up the following week!
  • Remember to write all of this on your team card!