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Primary Information - Monday and Wednesday


2020 Dates

To view the dates for the 2020 Primary competition for Mondays (Year 4) and Wednesdays (Year 5 & 6), please click here.

Important Dates for Coaches/Managers:

Primary Information Evenings for Year 4, 5 & 6 - CURRENTLY POSTPONED - no need to book, just turn up on one of these days.  Handouts given.

Please urge your coaches/managers* to attend these.  Topics include rules at NNH, how we run the competitions, what they need to do and the all important rotations for Year 4 and 5.

Informal Practical Coaching - CURRENTLY POSTPONED

A great session run by Michele Wallace on some basic skills for this age group.  Booking will be required and there is a cost of $25.00 per person.  If you wish your school to be invoiced, please let us know.


Jewellery and Netball

This is a very early warning to all parents (and all players) regarding jewellery.  Jewellery or any adornments cannot be worn when a player is playing netball.  There is no taping of jewellery, including earrings.

Parents of primary school players.  Please DO NOT get your children's ears pierced during the netball season.  THEY WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY IF THEY CANNOT TAKE THEIR EARRING OUT!


General Primary Information

  • Year 4 teams play on a Monday afternoon.  Round times are 4.00 and 4.50 pm (new in 2020)
  • Year 5 & 6 teams play on a Wednesday afternoon.  Round times are 4.00 pm, 4.50 pm, 5.40 and 6.30 pm.  Please be aware that games times are random between the rounds and commitment is required from 4.00 pm through to 7.10 pm.
  • Year 4 and 5 play quarterly rotations and play on hoops 2.6m high with a Size 4 ball.
  • Year 6 have no rotations (straight netball as per normal rules) and have the 3.05m high hoop with Size 5 ball.
  • Registration is through your primary school.  Please check with your school regarding netball teams.
  • Teams are required to supply their own umpires for their games.
  • The cost to enter a team at Primary for 2020 is $656.50.  Please note this is the amount paid to Netball North Harbour by a Club/School.  Schools/Clubs may charge a different amount to individuals as they will have other costs to factor in, eg umpires, uniforms, etc.




For queries regarding Primary School Netball please contact Teresa Smeed on 481 0951 or