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Draw & Results


Results will be available soon for the 2021 season.


Spring League - Term 4

Thursday afternoons at 4.00 pm, 4.40 pm and 5.20pm (youngest teams play first)

or Saturday mornings at 9.00 and 9.45 am (the last rounds will be dependent on numbers).


Thursday dates - 28th October and ends 2nd December (6 weeks)

Saturday dates - 30th October to 4th December (6 weeks) 

Cost to enter at team $140.00

ALL games are played at Northcote Courts.

For more information and to register please click here


Fair Play Cup

Don't forget to nominate a team you have played this season that you think is deserving of the Fair Play Cup.  Put your nomination into the Control Room or email


Please follow this guide for where teams (coaches/managers and subs) should stand and spectators.  This helps with congestion between the courts and allows us to find score cards and teams more easily.


Rotations Year 4 & 5:

  • When you look at the Draw, Team 1 for rotations is on the left hand side of the draw (Home).  Team 2 is on the right hand side of the draw (Away).
  • Cross out the rotations you are not for the first game in your book and complete the players on the rotation you are using.

For the following week, and subsequent weeks -

Team 1 to Team 1 OR Team 2 to Team 2 - start the full game to full game players on the LAST position they ended up on the week before.


Team 1 to Team 2 OR Team 2 to Team 1 - start the full game to full game players on the FIRST position they started at the week before.

  • Use the key above for the full game to full game players ONLY
  • Do the full game to full game players first
  • Then put in the players that had 1/2 a game to full game next.  Look for a rotation where they are not repeating the 2 positions from the week before.
  • Then put your 1/2 game players in last.


DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NETBALL NORTH HARBOUR APP!  A quick and easy way to check your draw and results.  Go to the store on your Android or Iphone and search Netball North Harbour.