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Junior End of Season Tournament

Saturday, 7th September 2019



To register a team, click on the button below.

If you have entered a team in a Junior tournament this year, ie Pre Season or Mid Season, you can use that existing login for that team.  Don't use your normal login for the winter competition, it won't work.  If a new team that has never played in a tournament before you need to Register A New Team!

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Registration and Tournament Information:

  1. The tournament is open to all teams either from school or club for year 3 to year 6.  Year 3 grade will be playing the 5 aside MEFF Future Ferns game.
  2. Register as a New Team on the login page (unless you entered the Junior Preseason or Mid Season tournaments this yearl, you can use that existing login for the team) and enter all your details.  Select the competition that you are playing in i.e this will be the Junior Tournament, and then select your grade/league.  You can change the name of the team once logged in (any problems with the above, please contact Teresa Smeed
  3. Please give us some information about your team for grading, eg complete beginners or play in A Grade at Auckland.
  4. If you have a team of players from different Years, i.e Yr5 and Yr6, please register them in the grade that relates to the highest year in the team, i.e the Year 6 grade. 
  5. You do not need to play your normal winter registered competition team.  As long as the players are of the age of the grade they are entered in, you can have any player.
  6. There are no rotations for Year 4 and Year 5.  You can do as you please with the players and positions throughout the day.
  7. All Registrations and payment ($70.00) for this tournament can be made by credit card online, or direct credit to Netball North Harbour 12-3011-0757432-00 (ref junmidtou and team name), or by cheque, before the tournament date. Click on the link above to register a team.  Please pay before the tournament date!  Teams who have entered the tournament and then subsequently withdraw before the tournament, shall be subject to Netball North Harbour's Refund Policy.  To view the Refund Policy please click here
  8. Games will commence at 9am.  It is hard to determine how many games teams will have until we know the number of teams entered.  At NNH tournaments, we try to give teams 4 games (which are shortened games).  Finish times are usually around mid afternoon depending on whether teams get into finals or not.
  9. Teams are to supply their own correctly inflated size 5 netball for Year 6.  Size 4 for Year 3 to 5.  Hoop heights will be 3.05 for Year 6 and 2.6 for Year 3 to 5. 
  10. All teams are to supply their own Umpire to umpire their games.  Year 3 do not need umpires, but do need coaches involved.
  11. The Physio will be available on the day for first aid purposes and is located in the Sports Injury Clinic.
  12. The On Court Cafe will be open for the purchase of refreshments.
  13. Netball North Harbour is located at 44 Northcote Road, Northcote, just off the Northern Motorway (look for the Northcote Road off ramp)



For enquiries, please contact Teresa Smeed on or call 09 481 0951