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2020 High Performance Programme


Player Programme

We are pleased to announce we have a new performance programme being offered in 2020 with the intent to improve the skill base of the individual players at Netball North Harbour.


The benefit for the player

This high performance programme has been designed to work on a players individual skill and understanding of the game of netball. This programme does not have full team or playing as a 7 designed activities, our whole purpose is to take the player from their club, school or rep team and make them better and more knowledgeable as an individual, meaning that they can take that heightened strength, knowledge and skill back to their club, school or rep team.



· All athletes must be eligible for NNH YR 9, U16 or U18 representative teams and to maintain a high level of fitness and commitment during the programme

· All athletes must make themselves available for selection in Netball North Harbour representative teams for 2020