New Member Registration

College Coordinators Information 

This page is designed for School Coordinators to assist you with registration information for your school teams in 2020. 






Important Dates

Saturday 25 July Deadline for Time Requests Click here for Form



General Information

Please click here to download the notes that were distributed at the Coordinators meeting to do with the Intermediate Competition in 2020


College Competition  

  • Year 9 - Monday 5.20pm - 7.00pm (grading may run longer)
  • College Premier - Saturday Morning 
  • College - Saturday 8.00am - 12.10pm


Make up of Teams

Competition Team Game/Size Equipment* Hoop Height
Year 9 7 aside (12 max) Size 5 ball and bibs 3.05m
College  7 aside (12 max) Size 5 ball and bibs 3.05m
Premier College 7 aside (12 max) Size 5 ball and bibs 3.05m

*school to supply for all games


Fees 2020

College Premier = $705.00 per team.

College = $585.00 per request

Additional Players = $10.00

Late Default Fee = $50.00 

Defaults must be notified to NNH by 1pm on Mondays or 1pm on Friday for Saturday games.

Click here to download the full list of fees.

Click here to view the regulations regarding refunds for withdrawals.


Dates for 2020

Click here to download the College Saturday dates

Click here to download the Year 9 Monday dates  



All teams need to supply their own umpires during grading and throughout the competition.  All umpire donations are to be paid to the umpires on the day prior to the game.

Sharon Fraser will be available on Monday's for the Year 9 competition to support the Junior umpires. Please notify Sharon if you have a Junior umpire that needs support.  sharon@netballnorthharbour.co.nz  

College Premier and Open A umpires will be allocated for Saturday games by NNH.  Donations to umpires for these games will be $15.00. 


Affiliation Form

To register the number of your school teams in 2020, please click here to upload the form and complete as required. 

Once submitted we will have your form.  If you wish to make any changes subsequent to submitting you will need to contact Gail by email.  Registration is closed. 

Assigning players / coaches / managers to a team should be completed.  Players may only be registered into one college team.  Further additions to teams will be $10 per person.


Grading Information

Grading is important.  If your teams are not seeded correctly within your school this can disrupt the grading process.  If you have more/less teams than in 2019 we will need an indication of where teams need to be added or subtracted from last years efforts.  If you have a new team we will need an idea of where it should be placed and will cross reference this with the players in the team.  Please click to get more information and the form to fill in.  


Time Request Forms

Time requests will also be submitted by Google Docs.  Please click here to upload the form and complete as required.  It costs $20.00 per request.  Please note that these are for netball coach/umpire/player clashes only and not anything outside of our sport. 

Deadline for time requests is 25 July. Time requests are unable to be applied to grading games.


School Coordinator Instructions/Information for Clubhub database

These instructions include:

  • How a player registers/re-registration for the new season
  • Keeping an eye on your registration lists and Editing player details
  • Assigning players to teams
  • Assigning Volunteers to teams

To download the instructions, please click here


Other Important Information

Netball North Harbour Tournaments Page

Netball North Harbour Policies and Regulations



Team and Umpire Protocol Court guide (where to stand)

Umpire Protocols 40 minute Games

Game Management Information

Injury Management for 40 minute Games

Arena Guidelines for Teams


For general inquiries about College netball please contact:

Gail Griffiths | email gail@netballnorthharbour.co.nz | phone 09 481 0946


For specific inquiries about Year 9 College netball please contact:

Katrina Chatfield | email katrina@netballnorthharbour.co.nz | phone 09 481 0955