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Club Draws


Saturday Club Draw

Club Draws for grading and Top 4 Premier

Grading draws for Tuesday and Thursday will be released Friday lunchtime.  Please be patient.

Renumbered Club Teams

Following grading, the following club teams have been renumbered:

Northcote Dev 1 - now Northcote 6 Dev 1

Northcote 6 - now Northcote 7

Northcote 7 - now Northcote 8

Northcote Dev 2 - now Northcote 9 Dev 2

Northcote 8 - now Northcote 10

Shore Rovers 11 - now Shore Rovers 10

Shore Rovers 12 - now Shore Rovers 11

Shore Rovers 10 - now Shore Rovers 12


If wet please ensure players bring training shoes for warm up outside.   It is for your player's safety that they then change into dry shoes and socks to play indoors. 


Ponchos can be purchased from the control room for $1 each to protect uniforms if needed.