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ANZ Futureferns Monday

Glenfield Futureferns Sat

There are no games for the July School Holidays:

Glenfield - no games 10th, 17th and 24th July.  Resume 31st July

Netball North Harbour - no games 12th and 19th July.  Resume 26th July


Skill Sessions (please click on the skill below)

Week 7 - 26.7.21 NNH

Year 1 & 2  - Jumping & Landing

Year 3  - Shooting

Week 8 - 31.7.21 Glenfield

Year 1 & 2  - Take Off

Year 3  - Ball Skills

No jewellery is to be worn while playing netball, no matter what age!  Please remove all jewellery, bracelets, etc, from the players before they take the court.


Cancellation Policy 

There are no cancellations for the Year 1 to 3 teams at Netball North Harbour.

Only Year 1 & 2 might be cancelled on a Saturday morning at Glenfield College.  Please check our Facebook page and website for cancellation.

If a bit wet and cold, our young players can wear jerseys and jackets if necessary.


Dress_Up_5.jpg  IMG_3268.JPG





DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NETBALL NORTH HARBOUR APP!  A quick and easy way to check your draw and results.  Go to the store on your Android or Iphone and search Netball North Harbour.






To view the Rules for Year 1 & 2, please click here.





To view the Rules for Year 3, please click here


To view videos of some of the skills we work on go the Netball NZ website - click here.