New Member Registration

2019 Registration


Welcome to the 2019 netball season.  Every player that plays at Netball North Harbour must be registered in our database, managed by Clubhub.


If you have never played at Netball North Harbour before, please click on the button below.

New Player Login

  • Please select the Register Player button.
  • Complete ALL details and press on Continue at the bottom of each page until you get a Confirmation email.
  • Junior players (Primary and Intermediate) parent/caregiver details will also be requested.

NOTE:  If you have a child/parent already registered as a player in the database, you can add a New Player to your existing family group.  Please login with your existing username and click on Register a New Player under My Details.


If you are NOT a player but a Coach, Manager or School/Club Coordinator and have no other role (ie you are not a parent or caregiver) or not already registered in the database, then please click on the Register Associate button.  You will then asked to select the role you have at Netball North Harbour


Existing players ...

If you played in 2018 you will already be in the system.  Please click on the button below to login and update your details for 2019.

Existing Player Login

Please note if you are a College student playing for a school and a club, then you need to select your school first, followed by your club.


Haven't received the 2019 reregistration email your email address may be incorrect in the system.  If you think this is the case you can login (using the button above) and update your email address and then select your school/club for the season and complete the registration process.


Didn't play in 2018, but did in 2017, your details will still be in the system.  Please contact or ph 481 0022 where we can retrieve your details for 2019. 


Schools/Clubs can also go in and select you into a club or school, however, they may not update your personal details.