Umpire needed

Permanent umpires are needed for some club teams.

Please get in touch with Sharon Fraser sharon@netballnorthharbour if you are keen to get a regular position with a team.

Haven 2 are needing one.  Please contact Kate on 02102234625

Umpire Allocations - 27th May


Adam 10.30am 12.10pm  
Adriana   2.00pm  
Alastair 10.30am 12.10pm  
Angela P 8.50am 12.10pm  
Anna M      
Anne D 8.50am 12.10pm  
Angela P      
Becca P 1.00pm     
Becky 8.50am  2.00pm  
Cath L      
Catherine E      
Chloe Baker      
Darren G      
Diana 10.30am 12.10pm  
Emily Stringer 2.00pm    
Essence 2.00pm    
Ginny 12.10pm    
Jess Wilton 2.00pm    
Jill 10.30am 12.10pm  
Josh 12.10pm    
Jess Wilton 2.00pm    
Kalesi 2.00pm    
Karen O      
Lyn Barr 12.10pm    
Lyndis 10.30am 2.00pm  
Lynn Bennett 1.00pm    
Mel R 2.00pm    
Nicole Jackson 12.10pm    
Paddy 8.50am 2.00pm  
Raewyn 12.10pm    
Sa'ane 10.30am 12.10pm  
Sarah W 1.00pm    
Sharon R 8.50am    


Teresa 8.50am    
Vanessa 2.00pm    
Vania 2.00pm    
Yao 8.50am 10.30am  
Yvonne  8.50am