Primary Information - Monday and Wednesday


End of Season Tournament

Saturday, 16th September

For Year 3 to Year 6 teams.

For more information and to register a team, please click here.

Primary Spring League

Term 4 - 6 weeks on Wednesday afternoons 25th October to 29th November

For Year 1 to Year 6.  Year 2 teams can give the Year 3 programme a go of 5 aside netball.

Cost $135.00 per team to enter

For more information and to register, click here.

Notice to all parents, coaches and managers ...

We appreciate you have questions from time to time to do with netball and how the competition is run.  Please appreciate that we have over 200 primary teams in our competitions and answering phone calls and emails directly from parents, coaches and managers, takes up quite a bit of time which leaves us unable to get on with draws and other aspects of the competition.  All questions should be directed to your School Coordinator because they will be able to answer your questions as they have been given all the information.  Please refrain from directly contacting the Primary Games Administrator.

Primary Information Nights

For those that requested it, click here to view the Powerpoint presentation for notes on the Primary competition for Year 4, 5 & 6 and Junior Netties.

Duty Rosters

All schools have a duty once a season on their respective nights. 

To view the Monday Night Duty Roster, please click here

To view the Wednesday Night Duty Roster, please click here


To view the dates for Primary Netball, click here.

Please note there is a change for the Primary Year 6 Field Day, is now 29th June.

Jewellery and Netball

International Rules state that NO jewellery is to be worn during a game of netball.  The only things that can be taped are medical alert bracelets and wedding rings, not earrings.

Parents ... if you are thinking of getting your daughter's ears pierced, don't do it during the netball season.  A child cannot leave her earrings in and have them taped.  We feel terrible when we tell them they can't play.


General Information

Primary is played at Netball North Harbour for Year 4 to Year 6. 

We also run a programme for Years 1 to 3 called the ANZ Future Ferns.  For information on the Future Ferns, please click here.

We also run another Primary competition on a Saturday at Westlake Girls called Junior Netties for Years 4 to 6.  For information on the Junior Netties competition, please click here.


Year 4 play Monday afternoons fora  5.00 pm and 5.00 pm rounds

Year 5 and 6 play on a Wednesday afternoon from 4.00 pm, 4.50 pm, 5.40 pm and 6.30 pm rounds.

All games are 7 aside games.

Year 4 and 5 play rotations and rotate each quarter and play with a 2.6m high hoop, and size 4 ball.

Year 6 play straight netball (normal rules apply) and use a 3.05m high hoop and size 5 ball.

The cost to enter a team in the 2017 Primary competition at the Onewa courts is $635.00 per team.


The competition held at the Onewa netball courts on a Monday and Wednesday are both 14 week competitions.  Term 2 are all grading games and Term 3 are competition games.

Monday games for Year 4 start Monday, 8th May and conclude 4th September

Wednesday games for Year 5 & 6 start Wednesday, 10th May and conclude 6th September.

There is a break for the July schools holidays from 3rd to 23rd July.

There are tournaments for Primary aged players starting 30th April.  To view more on tournaments, please go to our Tournaments page.


2016 Prize Giving Photos

To view the Year 6 Primary Prize Giving photos, please click here.

To view the Year 4/5 Primary Prize Giving photos, please click here.


For queries regarding Primary School Netball please contact Teresa Smeed on 481 0951 or