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Mother Earth FutureFERNS Draw


MEFF Monday Draw

PLEASE REMEMBER THAT ALL PLAYERS, NO MATTER WHAT AGE, HAVE NO JEWELLERY, WATCHES OR OTHER WRIST BANDS ON WHILST PLAYING.  We start as these young players are meant to go on.  No jewelllery on players please.


Year 1 & 2 - for both Glenfield College and Netball North Harbour, your game times start with a 15 minute skill session, then a game of 2 halves of 8 minutes each.  Swap ends at half time.  You can turn up 10 minutes before the game time to start.


Year 3 - your skill session can be done 15 minutes BEFORE  your game time starts.  Game length is 10 minute quarters.  Swap ends at half time only.  You will need to turn up to the courts to give yourself plenty of time to do the skill session, ie if your game time starts at 4.00 pm, you might like to get here at about 3.30 pm to get sorted.


The rules for each modified game can be viewed below.

Week 7 Skill Sessions - Glenfield, 29th June

Year 1 & 2 - Jumping & Landing

Year 3 - Shooting


Week 8 Skill Sessions - NNH, 1st July

Year 1 & 2 - Take Off

Year 3 - Ball Skills


Duty Roster

All teams playing on a Monday at NNH are expected to help with doing a duty each week (ie provide an adult).  This has been sent to your school coordinators but can you please make sure you report to the Control desk to help.

Week 6 - 1st July Sunnybrae and Verrans

To view the duty roster, please click here.


Cancellation - Glenfield ONLY

If the weather is particularly cold and wet, we may make the call to cancel the Year 1 & 2 programme only – these are the first games in the first round at 8.45 am. These players do not play a competition and as these younger players do not move around as much to keep warm, the call may go out to cancel their round. If we make this call, it will go up on our website page (front page), App and our Facebook page. The decision will be made at 8.00 am.



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DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NETBALL NORTH HARBOUR APP!  A quick and easy way to check your draw and results.  Go to the store on your Android or Iphone and search Netball North Harbour.






To view the Rules for Year 1 & 2, please click here.





To view the Rules for Year 3, please click here


To view videos of some of the skills we work on go the Netball NZ website - click here.