Intermediate Spring League - Term 4 2016



Intermediate Spring League Draw - please click here


Dates:  Six weeks from Thursday, 20th October to 24th November

Round Times:  Confirmed once numbers are known but first round is at 4.00 pm

Who:  Year 7 and Year 8

Cost: $135.00 per team.

Boys:  Boys can play in a girls team, but a maximum of 3 boys on court for a Year 7 team and a maximum of 2 boys for a Year 8 team

Length of games:  8 minute quarters, 2 minute breaks for all ages. 

Equipment:  All teams to supply a Size 5 ball

Uniforms:  Teams to do not have to wear uniforms (similar colours is OK) but do need to provide ball and bibs (they can be borrowed from the Control Room). 

Umpires:  Teams need to provide an umpire.

Time Requests: There are no time requests for spring league.

Registration Close Date: 12th October 2016


Any queries, please contact Vikki on