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Intermediate Information - Thursday


Intermediate Games - Minute's silence on 16th May 2019

As stated in our notification to all schools and clubs last week, we will be observing a minute's silence tomorrow night (Thursday 16th May) at 7.20pm recognising the tragic passing of Aishani following a medical emergency here at Netball North Harbour on 2nd May.

The process for the minutes silence is

7.19pm All teams will be asked to line up on their transverse line in preparation to observe the minutes silence

7.20pm PA announcement asking everyone to observe the minutes silence

7.22pm Teams will be asked to move to their positions for the game to start

7.23pm Buzzer to sound for the start of the game


The first round of the Premier 2 games being held in the Arena will start at 7.02pm, allowing for the completion of the first quarter before observing the minutes silence. The Premier teams are to move to the transverse line on court when all other teams are instructed to do so at 7.19pm.


Can you please pass this all to all teams playing in the 6.30 & 7.20pm rounds and the Premier 2 teams playing at 7.00pm


Dates: To view the dates for the 2019 Intermediate NNH Competition, please click here


Duty:  All schools have been allocated a day on the duty roster there should be 2 adults from each school on duty for the day (you can split this into shifts) who need to report to the control room.

Dates of Duty Roster - Click here

Description of Duty - Click here


General Information:


  • Year 7 & 8 teams play on a Thursday afternoon.  Round times are 4.00 pm, 4.50 pm, 5.40pm, 6.30pm and 7.20pm.  Please be aware that games times are random between the rounds and commitment is required from 4.00 pm through to 8.10 pm.
  • 3.05m high hoop with Size 5 ball.
  • Registration is through schools.  Please check with your school regarding netball teams.
  • Teams are required to supply their own umpires for their games.
  • The cost to enter a team at Intermediate for 2019 is $795.00
  • The see the dates for 2019 Intermediate competition, please click here.  The competition is 15 weeks long with 4 grading games, 2 x 5 weeks of competition games and finals night for all teams on the 29th August 2019.
  • There is no play Queens Birthday or July School Holidays.
  • Description of Duty - Click here


For any queries on the Intermediate Competition please contact Katrina Chatfield Ph: 481 0955 or email