Intermediate Draws & Results


Intermediate Draw


Intermediate Draw


Duty Roster

This starts 1 June.  To see the duty roster, please click here.  


Intermediate Prizegiving

Prizegiving is for the teams that come winner and runner up of the Championship grades only.  Not Flight winners or runner up teams.  Prize giving is scheduled for Thursday, 28 September,2017 at 4.30 pm.  Teams will be notified once the Finals are completed of who will be attending.








Complex rules at AMI Netball North Harbour.

Could all spectators and players and games officials please respect the rules of Netball North Harbour.  No dogs, bikes, scooters, skateboards, stilletos, umbrella points in the court surface, or chewing gum please.  Carparking is free up to the end of the tree line, any parking directly in front of the Courts there is a gold coin donation.  Cones will be marking an area at the end of the Arena which is unavailable for parking.  Carparking in the carpark is now restricted to 180 minutes between 8.00am to 6.00pm.


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