SAS Junior Mid Season Tournament - 23rd July

For Year 3 to Year 6 teams.  Cost $70.00 to enter.  Registration is online.  Please click here to go the tournament page with all the information and to register.


Dates for ANZ Future Ferns

To view the dates for the programme, please click here.


Jewellery and Netball

International Rules state that NO jewellery is to be worn during a game of netball.  The only things that can be taped are medical alert bracelets and wedding rings, not earrings.

Parents ... if you are thinking of getting your daughter's ears pierced, don't do it during the netball season.  A child cannot leave her earrings in and have them taped.  We feel terrible when we tell them they can't play.



2017 Programme

IMG_2034.JPGANZ Future Ferns at Netball North Harbour is held for Years 1, 2 and 3 with all games being held on Monday afternoons starting at 4.00 pm.

Year 1 & 2 is a 4 aside game, we recommend a maximum of 6 players in a team.

Year 3 is a 5 aside game, we recommend a maximum of 7 players in a team.

Parent involvement is imperative in the Future Ferns programme.





To get an overview of how the Year 1 & 2 programme works, please click on the Netball NZ page and video here.


year3.pngTo get an overview of how the Year 3 programme works, please clik on the Netball NZ page and video here.  Please note Year 4 play 7 aside netball at Netball North Harbour.


Rules - Complex and Games

Netball North Harbour complex rules, please click here.

NO JEWELLERY IS TO BE WORN (NO EARRINGS TAPED), NO WRIST BANDS OR WATCHES AND HAIR TO BE TIED UP.  Players should be wearing their correct uniforms.  Only thing to be worn is medical alert bracelets and they should be taped.

For further information on our Junior Competitions contact Teresa Smeed on