ANZ FutureFERNS Draw

ANZ FutureFerns Draw

Primary Shooting Competition for Year 3 only

On Monday, 31st July, on Court 10.  No cost, just sign on the night.


Takapuna and Manuka are on duty on Monday, 31st July

DON'T FORGET TO DOWNLOAD THE NETBALL NORTH HARBOUR APP!  A quick and easy way to check your draw and results.  Go to the store on your Android or Iphone and search Netball North Harbour.



Notice to all parents, coaches and managers ...

We appreciate you have questions from time to time to do with netball and how the competition is run.  Please appreciate that we have over 200 primary teams in our competitions and answering phone calls and emails directly from parents, coaches and managers, takes up quite a bit of time which leaves us unable to get on with draws and other aspects of the competition.  All questions should be directed to your School Coordinator because they will be able to answer your questions as they have been given all the information.  Please refrain from directly contacting the Primary Games Administrator. 





Year 1 & 2 - 31st July Week 8 Skill - Take Off

To view the Rules for Year 1 & 2, please click here.





Year 3 - 31st July Week 8 Skill - Ball Skills

To view the Rules for Year 3, please click here


To view videos of some of the skills we work on go the Netball NZ website - click here.