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Saturday College Draw

Year 9 Draw

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Team Number Changes for College 2017

After grading the following teams have performed well or badly placing them in grades above teams that have lower seeded numbers.

In order to have teams with lower seeded numbers in consequential order team numbers have been altered so that players know which teams they are allowed to sub up into.

Team numbers are now reflected online and on team cards as per these changes.

Please advise your team players and management of the new team numbers.


Carmel 8 becomes team 7

Carmel 7 becomes team 8

Carmel 11 becomes team 12

Carmel 12 becomes team 11


Long Bay 4 becomes Team 5

Long Bay 5 becomes Team 4


Orewa 8 becomes team 7

Orewa 7 becomes team 8


Rangitoto 8 becomes team 10

Rangitoto 9 becomes team 11

Rangitoto 10 becomes team 8

Rangitoto 11 becomes team 9

Rangitoto 12 becomes team 13

Rangitoto 13 becomes team 12


Takapuna 6 becomes team 7

Takapuna 7 becomes team 6


WGHS 18 becomes team 20

WGHS 19 becomes team18

WGHS 20 becomes team 19

WGHS 22 becomes team 24

WGHS 24 becomes team 22


Year 9 Draw - Renumbering

Please note the following teams have been re-numbered due to grading results:

Rangitoto Team 9/8 is now 9/7,  Rangitoto Team 9/7 is now 9/8.

Westlake Team 9/11 is now 9/10, Westlake team 9/10 is now 9/11.



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