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Welcome to the Netball North Harbour Club information page. 


                                     Collegiate 1, Premier 1 Winners for 2016

Team Number Changes after Grading

AUT4 becomes T5

AUT5 becomes T4

East Coast Bays 1 becomes T2

East Coast Bays 2 becomes T1

Northcote 5 becomes T6

Northcote 6 becomes T5

Northcote 7 becomes T9

Northcote 9 becomes T7

Rangitoto 7 becomes T8

Rangitoto 8 becomes T7

Shore Rovers 14 becomes T15

Shore Rovers 15 White becomes T14 White


Club Fees

Premier 1, 2, or 3 - $1,550.00 per team.

Club teams from Senior 1 down - $1,350.00 per team.


Club Contacts and Information

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Club Dates

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Should you have any further questions regarding Club netball please contact or phone 094810946.